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About Us


The Lothian House is a charming bed and breakfast located on the New York side of the Delaware River between the towns of Cochecton, NY and Milanville, PA. It is located directly above Skinner's Falls, which is the only Grade 4 rapids on the Delaware.  The Lothian House is owned and operated by Bill and Mary Lou (Lou) Lothian.  A retired art teacher, Lou designed the house and grounds.  Lothian House has been enlarged and updated over the years to accommodate and welcome many happy guests.   


Natives of New Jersey, Bill and Lou discovered the area in 1969 during a corporate canoe trip sponsored by Bill’s company.  It was on that adventure down the Delaware that Lou fell in love with the area.  She pointed to the small A-frame house on the bank upon which the Lothian House now sits and said to Bill, “Someday, I want to have a house right there in that spot.”  The young newlyweds saved up the little money they had to buy the cottage overlooking Skinner’s Falls.  (Guests can spot a picture of Lou and Bill taken on their wedding day on a dresser in one of the guest rooms in the Lothian House).


Lou and Bill began spending summers in the little A-frame house, where they raised their three boys.  In 1972, Lou began operating “Lou’s Tubes” – a tube rental business that allows visitors access to the exciting waters of the Delaware River  -- from the Lothian House property during the summer months.  Generations of visitors have returned to enjoy the timeless beauty and the same reliable customer service, reasonable prices, and fun-filled Delaware River ride that have come to be known as Lou’s Tubes. 


The Lothian House’s transformation from a modest A-frame cottage into a fully-functioning Victorian style bed and breakfast occurred over several years.  The vision for the Lothian House became a reality when a couple, eager to enjoy the surrounding greenery but not very keen on the idea of roughing it in a tent, approached the Lothian House and asked Lou and Bill if they accepted guests.  The Lothians welcomed the family into their home and have been hosting guests, friends, families, and events since that day.


The Lothian House is nestled on the banks of a historic valley, as rich in natural beauty as it is in culture.  Guests can take in the lush foliage and calming river waters from the comforts of this relaxing home.  The elegant doors and windows of the Lothian House beckon to be opened up to let in the smells and sounds of the fresh country breeze.  In the tranquil haven of the Delaware River, bald eagles come to nest.  Visitors can glimpse these majestic creatures in their natural habitats.  In the early months of the year, guests can observe the eagles raising their fledglings, and in the summer months, spot them diving into the river to catch a fish for their afternoon meal. (


Inside, the Lothian House is adorned with unique Victorian décor, original period pieces, and collectors’ items.  The antique furniture, prized wall-hangings, and classic decorations, most of which are for sale, are reminiscent of another era.  Guests will feel transported to a time gone-by in this rustic, natural setting.  You’ll find that relaxation is inevitable as you indulge in the simple pleasures of quaint hospitality, good company, and a serene setting.    

     The Lothian House Bed & Breakfast     

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